Let’s Build together!

For anyone who has dreamed and planned to build in Thailand but find the process to be frightening, you have come to the right place. Get in touch with us and find out why we are the best answer towards making your dreams a reality.

Silver Fern Siam understand that the process of design and construction needs to be managed carefully with clear communication to and between the client, designers and consulting teams, contractors and suppliers. Good communication is the key to understanding and can eliminate problems during the construction process which could lead to potential cost and time over-runs.

Latest projects

Villa 49 Bangkok >>
katamanda e34 refurbishment- phuket
andaman beach suites redesign and remodel- phuket
Thalang Villa new villa construction phuket
Villa Cascade -waterfall cove- New Villa phuket
Laemson Villa 5 Refurbishment Phuket
Blue Point Boutique Condominium phuket