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Construction methods in Thailand

We have been in Thailand for 18 years now, we know people here- we know the local contractors and materials, we work with the top architects, we know the market- that means we know what prices should be, material costs, the value of time, both from a contractor's perspective and more importantly from a client perspective. Time is money after all. What we do more than all is keep an eye on things for you, keeping construction methods high is staying on top of things!


Find out more about the nature of the Thai building industry.

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We focus on transparency

 A lot of people in the industry will try to scare you. A lot of bad stories, that it is virtually impossible to build here, that you will be ripped off. That does not have to be the case if you pay a bit of attention. If you engage the right people, some will tell you to just hire the cheapest builder, you certainly can’t do that without consequences- Our focus is on keeping things transparent and leading you towards the best possible result.





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Construction documentation in the digital age

Mike Hannah, President of Silver Fern Siam discusses how the digital age has changed how his company uses drawings for maximum effect today in Thailand.


I have been working in Thailand and in the construction industry for a long time. Construction documentation conventions were developed during the era of pen and paper. Electronic information today is be transmitted directly to the field in our company and documentation needs to keep pace. We monitor and get the best from current industry trends with a hard look to future applications. We at Silver Fern Siam learn how to adapt current conventions we use in construction documentation to the best possible result for your project. We understand current office-to-field technologies and how they are changing the way we document and build. Our company tries to see ahead to technologies and systems that will be in use in the next 20 years. More than anything, as president of Silver Fern Siam, I focus on learning new ways we should be thinking about the construction documentation phase.